your living nightmare is just an average MSP player she has gained over 50k subscribers because of moviestarplanet, she has leveled 30 times this year! maybe more!  Your Living Nightmare has been in a fight with glitterglam326 because glitterglam326 told Your Living Nightmare " I heard your suicidal go CUT AN ARTERY! and that made glitterglam326

she has exposed octavia999 ( aka octopus666 ) for cheating fame and has exposed smāll for also cheating fame and she has gotten smāll locked out for 100 years * he got his account back * and has gotten glitterglam326 locked out for a week, Your Living Nightmare was not her first account she had another account called XoJesiBear i believe? it was on the 4th page and level 13!, Memories amirite, anyways your living nightmare has earned over 19 million fame this year * thats enough to get a newb account to level 40-ish * Your Living Nightmare was a account @msp_scarygang * on twitter * made for trolling only but joanna pety said that people should make msp fun again and people should dress like a zombie for a day and Your Living Nightmare liked that idea and decided to make a team out of it, Her first team was Scary Gang but she ended up deleting it to change the name then, Scream team was born by a hot mom

This is all the facts we have today Ill see you guys later!

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